APRIL 15-24,  2020


Why are we hosting this Health@Home Global Gathering?

We are an international collaboration of leading doctors, scientists, researchers and health ambassadors looking to change the conversation and transform world health.

Every expert on this summit will share with you their knowledge, wisdom and expertise to help you learn, grow and become empowered to make informed choices and take proactive control of your health and your life.

The mission and our intention of this Global Summit is to help bring awareness, education, health, hope and empowerment to each unique individual in this time of uncertainty.

Being informed = being empowered. When you have the right information, you have the power to change your health, your happiness, and your life. Together, we can change the lives of ourselves, our communities, and our nations.

Interact with super time-sensitive and relevant topics & conversations, including:

Coronavirus C-19

Global Pandemic

Learn how it started, why it spread, what really happened on the frontlines, where we need to be focussed now, and what is yet to come. The real crisis is still upon us.

Personal Immunity

& Precision Health

Optimize your personal immunity to prepare and defend against COVID-19. Discover the power of precision health and the impact it can have on your unique body and mind.

Mindfulness &

Mental Health

Daily challenges are real as we practice social distancing, unprecedented isolation, and forced prolonged time at home with our friends or family members.


& Intelligence

Are we really becoming more aware/awake? What role does technology play in this? How is AI, AR and PI working for or against us at this crucial time in human evolution?

Future Health &

Humanity Paradigms

What to expect as the future draws closer and technology becomes a standard part of our health practices.

Love, Compassion

& Relationships

How a heart-centered approach to our lives can breed compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude and positively impact our physical health.

Nutrition, Stress,

Exercise & Sleep

How to eat, move, and sleep to be your healthiest and happiest. The answer depends on who you are right now.

Personal & Collective


How you can identify and harness your unique gifts to create fulfillment and contribute to the harmonious functioning of the world.

Join our expert speakers over 10 full days!

Register once and dial into any interactive sessions of interest, anytime.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Cell Biologist, Speaker, Best Selling Author

Science of Spirituality

David Katz, MD, MPH

Physician, Scientist, Author

Health Promotion

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Nutritional Scientist, Physician, Best Selling Author

Nutritional Healing

Bernie Siegel, MD

Physician, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Best Selling Author


Terry Wahls, MD

Physician, Author, Clinical Professor of Medicine

Healing Autoimmune Disease

Howard Martin

Author, Speaker

Heart Intelligence

Marci Shimoff

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Happiness Expert


Arielle Ford

Relationship Expert, Speaker, Author

Real Love

Christy Whitman

Transformational Leader, Best Selling Author, Celebrity Coach

Creating Abundance

Suhas Kshirsagar, B.A.M.S., M.D.

Physician, Speaker, Best Selling Author

Ayurvedic Medicine

John Berardi, PhD

Sports Scientist, Nutritional Specialist, Author

Personalized Nutrition

Abel James

Speaker, Author, Podcast Host

Busting Food Myths

Tyler Tolman

Holistic Nutritionist, Health Practitioner

Fasting and Detoxing

Todd Caldecott

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Medical Herbalist, Author

Ayurvedic Healing

Ruairi Robertson, PhD

Nutritional Scientist, Neuroscientist, Microbiologist

The Microbiome

Our Gifts To You

Just for registering, you’ll receive these incredible gifts!


10-Day Personal Immune Protocol


Currently there is no vaccine or drug to prevent or fight COVID-19. Our body’s immune system is designed to fight against viruses like Coronavirus. There is strong evidence to suggest we should all be taking proactive steps immediately to educate and empower each unique individual with evidence-based recommendations that promote nutritional adequacy and a healthy diet of fresh whole foods loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobials, as well as essential lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress management techniques, sleep hygiene and mental and emotional wellness as a multifaceted approach to improve personal immunity and maintain a healthful and balanced life.


HealthTypes: A Beginner’s Guide eBook


Which HealthType are you? Learn all about the revolutionary HealthTypes and what your unique body and mind needs to thrive! Discover incredible insights into the best foods, activities and lifestyle choices scientifically proven to improve sleep, stress and weight loss, while REVERSING signs and symptoms of diabetes, heart disease and obesity!


Personalized Self- Massage eBook


Indulge in a unique art to maintaining your body’s physical health while you’re at home with your “Your Personalized  Self-Massage Therapist” eBook. Take a tour of the Tuscan countryside while you gently whisk away all your aches and pains!

Your Host

Matt Riemann, M.App.Sc., B. App. Sc.

Health Scientist, Educator, Founder ph360.me, Ultimate Human Foundation

Matt is a social entrepreneur in the fields of personalized health and future medicine. A heart- centered visionary, Matt is focused on changing the health trajectory of the human race. He orchestrates a global collaborative vision to revolutionize the concept of health as we know it and facilitate personalized, predictive and preventive health change around the world.


Matt holds a masters in applied human sciences, is a lecturer and clinical educator at several universities in Australia and the US, and has been recognized for his passion and excellence in educating doctors, health professionals and fitness experts globally over the past 10 years.


In 2013, Matt founded the Ultimate Human Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to transform world health and assist in eliminating chronic pain and disease from the planet. Matt has founded 7 businesses in health and medicine over the past 10 years, launching ph360.me, the world’s first smart health app based on personalized epigenetics and gene expression and most recently launching Shae™, the world’s first virtual assistant to deliver interactive, intuitive, and personalized insights for health.

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